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Bill Bunkley The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Inc. (FERLC), an IRS approved 501 (C) 4 entity, is charged with advocating a Christian worldview and religious freedom both in public policy and throughout the broader culture here in Florida.

As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently proclaimed in his recent remarks on President’s Day at the Reagan Library in California, our struggle to maintain and exercise our Religious Liberty will not be fought in Washington to the degree that it will be in each of the fifty states.

The FERLC was organized on January 9, 2012, long before the recent national debate regarding 1st Amendment Religious Liberty rights began lighting up the headlines. It is our conviction that God has raised up this ministry for such a time as this.

In addition to Religious Liberty issues we work in both the Pro-Life and Pro-Family arenas. Marriage, adoption, Common Core, gambling and human trafficking are other areas of our advocacy.

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Bill Bunkley
Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Inc.