Each legislative session bills are filed by legislators in hopes of gaining the attention and traction from their fellow 40 State Senators and 120 members of the Florida House. Add to those proposed bills actions by the Governor and members of the Florida Cabinet.

We issue periodic updates on those bills and actions that warrant attention from a Christian Worldview, pro-family and socially conservative perspective. Each session we earmark hundreds of bills to watch and you can click here on the “Bills We Are Monitoring” tab where you can scroll down through all the bills we are keeping an eye on and by clicking the bill number you can read the bill and any pending potential amendments, see where the bill heads next in the process and read the actual Bill Analysis that gives you the background on the bill.

To view our latest update click “Today’s Issues” to view our latest posting on our Blog page.. We also suggest checking out our latest “Call To Action Alert” to see if there is a vote pending that could use your support from back home.