How We Monitor & Influence Legislation

The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee monitors Florida public policy issues and takes appropriate action when necessary in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches at the state capitol in Tallahassee. We also follow the actions of city and county municipal governments around the state and render assistance upon qualified requests.

Religious Liberty
The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is committed to protecting the rights of churches and clergy and those of faith to ensure they can observe and practice their faith without fear of interference from the government.

The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission supports and promotes the Biblical definition of marriage between a biologically born man and biologically born woman.

Sanctity of Life
The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission works tirelessly to support legislation that protects the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission stands opposed to all forms of gambling.

The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission supports legislation that provides for safe and secure adoptions to loving families.

Human Trafficking
The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission regards Human Trafficking akin to modern day slavery in the 21st Century and supports legislation that seeks to rescue and rehabilitate those held in bondage while prosecuting those who benefit from its commerce.

General Issues
The Florida Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission also monitors purposed legislation through a Christian Worldview in the areas in criminal justice, health care, homosexuality, adultery, immigration, pornography, education, civil rights and other general social concerns.

The Process

Using advanced data, FERLC monitors each piece of legislation that comes through the Florida Legislature. After we have evaluated and decided to support, oppose or simply monitor a bill, we then formulate our rationale for the positions we take in order to clearly communicate those positions before the cabinet, legislative committees or appropriate oversight board. In this process, we dialogue on a continuing basis with other interested parties regarding the issue at hand. We are regularly sought out by the news media to offer a Christian worldview perspective on legislation under consideration.

Our Network

Our President, Bill Bunkley, has over two decades of legislative experience in Tallahassee. Bill’s tenure has developed a strong network of contacts in Tallahassee, throughout the state, and across the nation. His ongoing relationships with elected officials, their support staff and state department heads is key to the FERLC’s ongoing success. It is in these relationships that the lines of communication are developed and maintained so when issues of concern arise we have a relationships already established for dialogue and appropriate action.

But one of the most influential resources we have is you. Pastors, church members, faith based businesses and citizens play a key role in communicating our position on the issues with elected officials. When we put out a Call To Action to our socially conservative grassroots conservatives and members of faith around the state, they can be the local connection that makes the difference in important legislation. That’s why it is important to take the first step today in supporting the work of the FERLC by signing up for our email alerts.